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Jio is a 22 y/o artist from Den Haag.
He started his apprenticeship at Fearless in 2013 and has been focusing on Black & Grey realism. He likes to tattoo portraits, animals and flowers and appreciates the importance of contrast and working with the body to create the perfect flow. When he’s not tattooing he’s on his BMX and has been lucky enough to travel Europe to compete in various competitions.

Artist | Jio

At fearless we do so many tattoos, that it is almost impossible to say which are my favorites, but here are some I really enjoyed. Some are recent and others no so much. Check back regularly and keep an eye on our facebook page to see my recent tattoos. If you have any questions or if you would like a tattoo done by me, call us, email us (link to the left) or come see me in the shop…