Welcome to Fearless

Welcome to Fearless Tattoo, Piercing & Vintage Guitar shop. We started Fearless in 2010 and have grown to be one of the bigger tattoo shop in the Hague. We have a great team of highly skilled artists working on awesome tattoo’s and piercings 7 days a week.

A view from the front of the shop

We are located in the old centre of the Hague, near “de Torengarage” parking and public transport is right around the corner.We do accept walk-inns (if there is time available) but prefer to work by appointment so we can make sure you get all the time you need. Our artists offers a wide selection of tattoo styles, everything from tattoo flash to custom designed oriental styles. You name it, we can do it…

If you have questions, doubts, want to know more about our artists or are just interested in tattoo’s and want to know more? Give us a call (+31 70 212 98 78) or just drop by and we’ll be happy to help you.

We accept only cash, there is a ATM right around the corner.

We are open:

Monday 12pm – 18pm
Tuesday/Wednesday 11am – 18pm
Thursday 11am – 21pm
Friday/Saturday 11am – 18pm
Sunday 13pm – 18pm

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So, do you like our work? Are you a happy customer? Or just want to help us spread the word? Then like us and follow us on Facebook. We show our cool new tattoo’s almost every day.
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Timeline Photos

Tiger tattoo by @maroentattooer

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Timeline Photos

@jeroendoorntattoos also for all your florals! Be sure to get yours in August! Mail to fearlesstattoo@gmail.com or check http://www.fearlesstattoo.com..

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